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Re-reading Things Because I Must: Part 1

Many years ago, not long after Hannah and I started this blog, I ruminated on how the simple task of assigning a text to a high school student pretty much guarantees that said student will HATE said book, not because it is particularly hatable, but because it is mandatory. Interestingly enough, I wrote this long before I decided to become a teacher, so not only do I now think I have some level of prophetic ability, but 40+ hours a week, I’m just swimming in the relevancy of that statement.

Everything I got to teach this year, I had read previously. See my Re-Read or Not post to review my feelings on this. We started the semester talking about To Kill a Mockingbird, which was as heavy as ever. We then moved on to Lord of the Flies, a text about which I blogged and faithful readers might recall that it ended with the statement, “I’ll never pick it up again.” PSYCH! I did pick it up again, but only because I had to do so in order to make sure that when my students had questions, I was able to answer them. When my students didn’t understand the text, I was able to explain it. When they didn’t see the point in reading it, I was able to prompt them to think about it another way.

I’ll go ahead and say that I still do not like this book. Most of the kids did not like it, either. HOWEVER, through teaching it with a central theme and alongside supplementary texts, I truly do see why it is still relevant to be read by young readers. Students started the unit reflecting on the prompt, “all humans have the capacity for brutality.” They placed themselves on a Story Spectrum based on where they fell between totally agree and totally disagree.

While reading LotF outside of class, we read “The Lottery,” “Harrison Bergeron,” and an article about the Stanford Prison Experiment in class.
Each time we finished one, they moved their name on the Spectrum to match how/whether their opinions on the prompt had changed. As you can see, there was a massive amount of movement and progression of thought, and I’m THRILLED with the amount of meaning that the students extracted from the unit.



The final project for this unit was for students to get into groups and record a podcast where they discussed their progressions of opinion. These podcasts were some of the most profound discussions I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. I’m honored to have been a part of those insights.

I’ve completed two other units this semester, both of which had primary texts that I had to re-read, as well as supplementary texts that I added to the unit in order to enhance an overall central theme. I’ll work on posts for these units in the next few days, because I’M ON SPRING BREAK!!! I’ve also recently been addicted to a book, so I need to spew about that, and I also completed a book that was on my New Year’s Recommendations post. Plus, we’ve graciously been nominated for a few awards, so I need to get to those. Hopefully, lots to come, folks!


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Teachery Style

Remember a few months ago when I detailed the many Teachery Tools that I fully intend to include in my future classroom? Well, even more than having cool things, I love wearing cool things. There are WAY too many amazing garments out there, so I can’t waste my time wearing basic crap! Thus, my Teachery Style post. See below and covet, or just buy.



I wear a lot of dresses, but modesty is the name of my game, so I have a lot of patterned and colored tights. I cannot fathom a better addition to my collection than these Where the Wild Things Are themed tights. Yes, please, now.





LOOK AT THESE SHOES!! I mean, can you please?! They’re pricey and shoes are not my weakness, but if they were, I’d be broke but so teacher-chic! Also, I’ve bought a million dresses (there’s that weakness) from Modcloth and I can vouch for the quality & customer service. These things matter when you spend good money.



According to legend, this company is capable of getting nearly a whole text on a shirt. This is Beowulf. I own the shirt for Frankenstein and, I have to admit, I have not done the research to see whether it is there in its entirety, but I actually don’t care either way. Regardless, these shirts are cool, unique, and cool again. They have shirts, posters, and tote bags in about a bajillion texts with unique images for each. ALSO, for every shirt purchased, Litographs donates a book to a community in need. Buy one. No DUH!


This scarf is on my Christmas list. We all know how I love classic covers and warmth.





Sometimes, it’s winter and you just need some Poe socks. Also, I got a Gatsby sweater from Out of Print Clothing and I get compliments every time I wear it, not to mention that it feels like wearing a cloud. Again, highly recommend.






This most beautiful bracelet, featuring the infamous Moby Dick. This shop has a lot of quality jewelry with amazing quotes!




Guys, I know as well as anyone what it feels like to be strapped for cash. I mean, I’m in Grad School… to be a teacher. But that just means that when you spend money, you need to get quality items that will last you a long time and will bring you years of joy. I have bought from many of these shops and I plan to buy from the rest, so I can vouch for the fact that these shops are cranking out quality items that will help you feel as beautifully unique as you undoubtedly are! I’m putting these items on this blog because we, the bookish, understand each other; we know how good it feels to geek out over our favorite works, and how much better it feels when someone says “Oh, cool Smaug” about your tattoo, when most people guess it’s a snake or seahorse. Please. No. I appreciate my bookish people and I appreciate the shops that exist to help you and me geek out as hard as possible. Now let’s show some love!




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Teachery Tools

One day, I get to decorate a classroom. Most classroom spaces are blank canvases, with concrete blocks, MAYBE carpet instead of cement, and a bulletin board space. Sorry, that’s not going to cut it in my classroom. I’m excited to share some of my plans with you guys, because I know that no one will appreciate my decorative aspirations like my blog friends!

hogwarts map

Click here to buy on Etsy

westeros map

Click here to buy on Etsy

Maps on maps on maps! I’m automatically inclined to like a book if it has a map in the front, because that means I’m about to be transported to an exciting new place. I have always known that I’ll have maps of my favorite literary places on my classroom walls. Hogwarts, Middle Earth, & Westeros = entirely necessary.

middle earth

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In high school, I loved sentence diagramming! This poster shows diagrammed formats of famous first lines from Classic texts, combining two things I love!

Click here to buy

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Click here to buy on Etsy

Please look at these stamps. We’ve been talking a lot about grading in my Grad classes and how certain feedback can really shut down budding writers, so my plan is to give feedback that stimulates students and encourages them to keep going. My ultimate goal is to replace failing grades with “keep going” grades, and I think I can use this Gandalf stamp to tell them, “let’s stay here and work on this a bit more.” I understand that that is not the intended purpose of the stamp, and yet, it will be my purpose.

Click here to buy on Etsy

Click here to buy on Etsy

This one would be used for the opposite purpose! I don’t want to say Pass/Fail or A+/F-. I think throwing in this literary reference could make it seem less serious, and hopefully could reduce the stress students often feel to succeed.


Click here to buy on Amazon

Please look at this letter opener!! I mean, how many unopened letters will I receive as a teacher? Probably not many. But when one comes along every now and then, I’ll be so ready.


Click here to buy on Etsy

And here is my Stark mug.



Click here to buy on Etsy


A Deathly Hallows clock? Yes, please.



Click here to buy

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Look at these adorable stamps! These could really help with my plan to give feedback that is constructive & requires follow up so they can correct mistakes, but the monsters are totally cute. Maybe a little juvenile for late middle and high school, but I do what I want.

Click here to buy

Click here to buy on Etsy

I love burying my nose in an old, musty book. Library books also have a very endearing smell. For that reason, I will one day buy one of these candles and, depending on the authenticity of the scent, I will constantly have one blazing in my classroom.

Click here to buy on Etsy

Click here to buy on Etsy

This calendar has different literary quotes for each month & really cool graphics. Need.


Guys, I’m just so excited to one day have a space that I can make my own. Most of these things, aside from the posters, don’t take up much space, so that leaves tons of wall space to leave for my students to decorate with displays of success. I think a unique and personalized space feels less sterile and makes teachers and students feel more comfortable in a learning environment. The more receptive we are to the space, the more we might absorb. Regardless, I want my classroom to be a space where all my kids feel safe to engage and be themselves, so I’m setting the example by being my own nerdy, book-loving self.

I hope you all enjoyed looking through these things and I encourage you to click on the pictures and support these creative individuals. I plan to do another post about “Teachery Style” soon (I have to buy several of these things before I reveal my amazing finds to the bookish public), so stay tuned for that!


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