Valar Morghulis

For one of my current classes, we were given the extremely morbid task of creating our own obituary. What do we want to be the centerpiece of our life? How can we accomplish these goals? Clearly, around here, our accomplishments would center around reading. How the stories we’ve read and fantasy lands we’ve visited impact us every day. Honestly, it’s probably clearest in my love for parties. BOY, do I love a themed party!!!! With Game of Thrones FINAL SEASON premiere this weekend, why don’t you throw a premiere party?!

Here’s some inspiration from a party we threw last month; it centered around a Westeros inspired Charcuterie Spread. I created a mini menu for each region and made a little flag (complete with sigils) to display the menu. BOY, WAS IT A SPREAD:

One section for (almost) each main region of Westeros: Below are the North (top right), the Vale (bottom right), King’s Landing (front, almost center), the Reach (back left), and the Iron Islands (back left). In the very background is a large map of Westeros. Below is a close up

Essos & Dorne selections

Almost all of the charcuterie and accompaniments were from Trader Joe’s. It included the staples: Unexpected cheddar, blueberry chevere, sopressata. Want a complete list? Let me know in the comments! Who is going to end up on the thrones? Who will die? (Probably everyone). How will Dany continue to blow a 3 Dragon lead? Guess we will have to tune in Sunday to find out.

Valar Dohaeris all the parties. -Hannah

*This post is not sponsored but I wouldn’t be mad if HBO or Trader Joe’s sponsored our next one.

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  1. The entire world is hyped up for GOT and Avengers. I love this post so much man!

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