The Happiness Tag

All the many many thank yous and blessings to Jeannie at A Happy Clam for nominating us for this tag! If you aren’t familiar with her blog I couldn’t recommend it more than I currently do. I think this is just the perfect time to linger on what makes each of us happy, since the world is overflowing with crap these days and, I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel blue sometimes. NOT TODAY, DEVIL!

5 Things That Make You Happy

  • GrootLa familia! I rarely mention my gorge hubby, mostly because I don’t want anyone barfing all over their computer screens, but fo realz. He fyne. Also, my puppers may pretend that he doesn’t even notice my presence or care for my endless displays of affection, but he carries my heart in his little puppy paw. I’m also terribly close with my parents and siblings, and babysit the world’s cutest nephew every week.


  • Good books and tea – There are few things more delightful than spending a relaxing early morning sitting in a comfy chair with a good book and a cup of tea. If I had my way, every stay-at-home morning would have thunderstorms, bacon, and English Breakfast tea. Now, I know that a lot of us will list “books” as one of our happiness things, but nothing makes me unhappier than a crappy book, so mine is not books unconditionally. GOOD books and GOOD tea.
  • Adventuring – Is that a word: adventuring? To adventure. Well, it is now. The hubbo, the doggo, and I go on adventures as often as possible. Yes, that often means visiting friends and seeing new cities, but more often than that it means going hiking, biking, kayaking, camping and the like. We’ve stocked up on outdoor gear and sunscreen so we can spend as much time outside as possible. Nature is so worth enjoying.


  • Cooking/eating – I guess most of us can lay claim to the statement that food makes us happy. Cheese is the one food I cannot, will not do without. There is no exaggeration in that statement. However, it isn’t just the act of eating or even the food itself that makes me happy, but the fact that I know what’s going into my body. I watch what I eat. I’m lucky in that fruits and veggies are more appealing to me than proteins, so I naturally prefer foods that are “good for you.” We don’t keep junk food in the house and we see treats, like ice cream, as infrequent, hard-earned rewards. I love finding recipes that taste great and don’t make me feel like a tub of lard, and then I love chopping, prepping, and cooking with my main squeeze. Life feels better when you treat yourself well.
  • Halloween – Most people like Christmas the most, but that’s dumb. Halloween has always been and will always be my favorite holiday. It isn’t just that one day, it’s truly a smell in the air for weeks leading up to it. My love harkens back to when my dad decorated our family barn, my mom made chocolate spiders and cheesy, amputated fingers, and all the parents of the town dressed up and waited for our annual Halloween party hay ride through the graveyard. I love the movies (special shout out to Nightmare Before Christmas & Hocus Pocus), the decorations, and the community agreement that adults get to feel like kids again for this one night. Wow, okay, that got out of control. Spiel over.

5 Songs That Make You Happy

Temper Trap – “Sweet Disposition” – I walked down the aisle to this song, so it fills me with a rush of joy and love every time I hear it!

Pink Floyd – “Learning to Fly”

Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party” – This was on the cassette tape called “Elvira Presents Haunted Hits” that we played at those aforementioned Halloween Parties and I guarantee you’ve never seen a kid dance as hard as I did to this song. Still love Oingo Boingo.

Led Zeppelin – “Thank You”

Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes”

Narrowing this down to only 5 songs was painful, but I’m happy with my choices. Now for the nominations; you know, I’m trying to be better about commenting on others’ posts, since I always have thoughts but get buzy from time to time. Therefore, I’ll nominate the beautiful souls who find the time to comment here on UShrews in an effort to acknowledge their kind efforts! If you’ve already done it, please excuse, and if you haven’t and want to, please accept this nomination for YOU!!

Bionic Book Worm | Bri’s Books | Rose Read | The Orangutan Librarian | Zezee

As always, ping me back if you do the tag so I can see your answers! Also, go ahead and tell me how cute my puppers is and I’ll pass along the compliments to His Royal Ungratefulness.


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8 responses to “The Happiness Tag

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  2. Thanks for tagging me!! 😀
    Good books and tea will be on mine too.

  3. aww sweet answers!! Your puppy is so cute!! And I love your qualifier for *good* tea and *good* books! wow that’s such a sweet story about Halloween!! And I love adventuring (totally a word 😉 ) Love this post- thanks so much for tagging me!!

  4. What a fun tag! And lovely photos! I’m very behind on posts, but this will be a fun one! Thanks for the tag!

  5. What an adorable puppers and a beautiful family! 😀 Loved reading all your answers. I feel like it took me a long time to get to a place where I enjoyed healthy and good-for-you foods as much as I enjoyed terrible ones, but I’m definitely at that place now though.

    Also totally wishing I put Temper Trap on my happy songs list too. I love that one!

    • Thanks so much! Yes, it’s hard to start the process of taking care of yourself, especially since the junk food industry makes it easier and cheaper to eat garbage. Sounds like we’re peas in a pod! Thanks, again, for the nom!

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