Questions for YOU, Our Readers!

Well blow me down! We’re getting close to having 500 beautiful souls who follow this site and can I just say that that is astonishing?! Truly, we started this blog with the understanding that our moms would be our only readers, so the fact that other readers and peers also see value in our musings is truly amazing!

I have had a few blessed instances where other bloggers kindly showed interest in our origins, preferences, motivations, interests, and so on and so forth. I’m trying to be better at understanding popular blog topics, and I’ve seen a few that did a Q & A session once they reached a certain number; if anyone has questions that they think would be fun or interesting, I’ll do my best to drag Hannah back into the blog-o-sphere for a hot minute and answer some questions when we reach the lofty number!

Otherwise, I’m reaching out to you, my literate friends, for recommendations. I KNOW I can speak on behalf of Hannah, as well as myself, when I say that these two ladies right here LURV some true crime. I’m not talking about Law & Order, James Patterson types of mystery/crime. I’m talking about real crimes that actually happened to real people in the world in which we live. Hannah and I consume true crime podcasts at an unprecedented rate and I’m looking for recommendations for books that parallel that interest. I yearn to be scared by a book but, generally speaking, fiction has never scared me. What does scare me, though, is the potential for real people to do horrible things, and I’m on a mission to educate myself and build profiles. I’ll not lie; it is also hella entertaining. People are wacko. Sometimes, real life can truly be “stranger than fiction,” and THAT is what scares me, so that is my target: real stories about real people going bananas on other people.

Am I alone in this? Well, I guess I should say are WE alone in this? Does anyone else find true crime to be endlessly entertaining?

We welcome questions and we welcome recommendations! Help me out, friends!


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