Readers, Unite! This Is a Call to Action!

Readers and friends,

I need you. A friend and I have to make a podcast and we’ve decided to go full on Fangirl and discuss the Red Rising Trilogy. Considering the fact that we have to captivate audience members for at least 10 minutes, we’re going to need some things to discuss. Not to mention, if this succeeds and is as wildly popular as we two are convinced it will be, Pierce (first name basis much?) will see it & he needs to know how we all feel, right?!?!

This is where you come in. We need stats and we need them fast. I happen to have access to a wonderful group of enthusiastic readers (you guys!!), so I’m recruiting those of you who have read the series to please take this poll. Send it to your friends; take it several times if you have mixed feelings or multiple personalities; re-post, if you feel so inclined to help a friend spread the word. Please, just take the poll!!


Lindsay au Andromedus


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