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One day, I get to decorate a classroom. Most classroom spaces are blank canvases, with concrete blocks, MAYBE carpet instead of cement, and a bulletin board space. Sorry, that’s not going to cut it in my classroom. I’m excited to share some of my plans with you guys, because I know that no one will appreciate my decorative aspirations like my blog friends!

hogwarts map

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westeros map

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Maps on maps on maps! I’m automatically inclined to like a book if it has a map in the front, because that means I’m about to be transported to an exciting new place. I have always known that I’ll have maps of my favorite literary places on my classroom walls. Hogwarts, Middle Earth, & Westeros = entirely necessary.

middle earth

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In high school, I loved sentence diagramming! This poster shows diagrammed formats of famous first lines from Classic texts, combining two things I love!

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Please look at these stamps. We’ve been talking a lot about grading in my Grad classes and how certain feedback can really shut down budding writers, so my plan is to give feedback that stimulates students and encourages them to keep going. My ultimate goal is to replace failing grades with “keep going” grades, and I think I can use this Gandalf stamp to tell them, “let’s stay here and work on this a bit more.” I understand that that is not the intended purpose of the stamp, and yet, it will be my purpose.

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This one would be used for the opposite purpose! I don’t want to say Pass/Fail or A+/F-. I think throwing in this literary reference could make it seem less serious, and hopefully could reduce the stress students often feel to succeed.


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Please look at this letter opener!! I mean, how many unopened letters will I receive as a teacher? Probably not many. But when one comes along every now and then, I’ll be so ready.


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And here is my Stark mug.



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A Deathly Hallows clock? Yes, please.



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Look at these adorable stamps! These could really help with my plan to give feedback that is constructive & requires follow up so they can correct mistakes, but the monsters are totally cute. Maybe a little juvenile for late middle and high school, but I do what I want.

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I love burying my nose in an old, musty book. Library books also have a very endearing smell. For that reason, I will one day buy one of these candles and, depending on the authenticity of the scent, I will constantly have one blazing in my classroom.

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This calendar has different literary quotes for each month & really cool graphics. Need.


Guys, I’m just so excited to one day have a space that I can make my own. Most of these things, aside from the posters, don’t take up much space, so that leaves tons of wall space to leave for my students to decorate with displays of success. I think a unique and personalized space feels less sterile and makes teachers and students feel more comfortable in a learning environment. The more receptive we are to the space, the more we might absorb. Regardless, I want my classroom to be a space where all my kids feel safe to engage and be themselves, so I’m setting the example by being my own nerdy, book-loving self.

I hope you all enjoyed looking through these things and I encourage you to click on the pictures and support these creative individuals. I plan to do another post about “Teachery Style” soon (I have to buy several of these things before I reveal my amazing finds to the bookish public), so stay tuned for that!



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12 responses to “Teachery Tools

  1. I wish you had been my teacher!lol

  2. I can’t wait to buy you classroom things.

  3. Um so can you please be my teacher because if I walked into a classroom with maps of middle earth, Hogwarts and it smelled of old books I would think I walked into some sort of paradise.

  4. jessreadingnook

    These are all great. Before I started teaching, I wanted to buy so many decorations for my classroom, but unfortunately I can’t use nails and things don’t stick to the walls because of the humidity in my building. And we can’t burn candles (fire hazard) or have a Scentsy (I interpret this as “you can have a scentsy if you don’t get caught”). I definitely want one of those candles for my apartment though.

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