L: Book/Movie Review: “The Martian”

Before I bless you all with my many opinions of Ridley Scott’s film, “The Martian,” I’m going to begin by saying that we went to a new movie theater and my life is forever changed. My city was recently graced with the presence of a Ovations theater, meaning that my movie experience was accompanied by ample legroom, comfy recliner-style seats, and more popcorn than any two people should ever eat. To top it all off, the theater is in a shady part of town and nobody goes there, so we practically had the whole theater to ourselves, which we all know means fewer annoying people. If you have one of these theaters available for your viewing pleasure, treat yo-self.

Click here for IMDB

Click here for IMDB

Now, on to the movie. Long story short, it was awesome! First of all, the casting was perfection. When you read a book before seeing a film adaptation, you always risk the possibility of being disappointed with the film’s interpretation not matching your own. The cast of “The Martian” fit like puzzle pieces into what I had imagined. The special effects, however, were an awesome surprise. The depictions of Mars, the ARES 4, and the HAB were elaborate and entirely beyond the capacity of my imagination, and I’m endlessly glad to have been able to see what Weir may have intended.

For the most part, the movie stuck to the story like glue, but there were a number of discrepancies that I wasn’t expecting. Several important parts of the story were omitted entirely, like (some people might consider these SPOILERS so proceed accordingly) the loss of communication with NASA towards the end of the book, the storm before he reached Schiaparelli Crater and his brilliant solution, and the detailed error that caused the failure of the attempt to send supplies, among others.

Click here for Goodreads

Click here for Goodreads

I feel quite sure these were omitted purely based on time limitations. The film was less than 2 & 1/2 hours and, even though the book was small, it contained vast amounts of information that cannot all be contained in a 2 hour film. They managed to squeeze in all the major plot points, but I cannot stress how much better the book is at emphasizing the significance of every moment Mark continued to survive, the stressfulness of every move he made, and the delicate importance of every decision he made.

The movie MUST be seen, but preferably only after having finished the book!




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3 responses to “L: Book/Movie Review: “The Martian”

  1. Hey thanks for the follow. ..and awesome blog..! Keep up the good work.. 😀

  2. I’M A TERRIBLE BOOK PERSON I went to see the movie before reading the book 😦 I just didn’t think the book sounded like something I would enjoy! I didn’t actually want to go to the movie at first but I heard good things and my boyfriend wanted to so we went and it was so so good! I laughed and cried and ah. Matt Damon was amazing! Do you think the book will still be good post-movie watching?

    • Nothing wrong with seeing the movie first; I’ve done that plenty of times! Sometimes it helps. And I definitely think you’ll still like it. It wasn’t my preferred genre but I thought it was amazing. Plus, it’s super short or if you don’t like it you can always just ditch it after a few chapters! I vote try it… If you do, I’d love to know what you think!

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