H: Book Review – Station Eleven

Insert apologies here; I am a terrible blogger. Have no fear I am back!

I have been reading up a storm in my absence from this blog so prepare for many entries! I am going from lazy blogger to overzealous one in the stroke of several keys.

I just finished read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. I immensely enjoyed it, especially when I picked it up expecting to drudge my way through it.

Set in the future, Kristen is a part of a traveling symphony; they travel the country formerly known as the United States. Fifteen years earlier a flu wiped out 99% of the population in just a few days. The survivors formed small communities without power, water or protection from the elements as well as from each other. A mysterious prophet begins making his way through the symphony’s territory, spreading his religious banter and threatening everyone around him. Who is the prophet?!

Kristen finds solace in her traveling years by performing Shakespeare, her last link with the “before, and by obsessing over a rare set of comics (the only copy known in existence) about Dr. Eleven and his space station forever linked to the undersea world. With her companion August, they raid abandoned buildings looking for links to the past. Old magazines, clothes for costumes, bars of soap are some of their prized finds but nothing holds a place in her heart like Dr. Eleven and his white fluff ball dog, Luli. They eventually cross paths with the prophet and his dog, Luli.

WHAAAT?! A dog Luli!? Ok, go read it and find out what happens next. There are tons of books out set in a post-apocolyptic world, but this one proves superior to being “just another wasteland novel”.

However, in a post-apocolytpic world, there is little to be eaten, and even less to be drunk. That’s why Moonshine, simple and stout, is what I’ve selected for a long awaited Read This, Drink That.

Station Eleven Read&Drink

| Novel | Moonshine | Storage Bottles | Stainless Steel Cups | Swiss Army Bar Tools | Seahorse Bottle Opener |

Cheers, my friends, and happy reading.



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3 responses to “H: Book Review – Station Eleven

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  2. Oh my GOD thank you for returning, and for doing a “Read This, Drink That!!”

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