L: Review of The Martian by Andy Weir

Let me start by pretending that it hasn’t been months since our last post. Oh, hey everybody! I’m happy to report that two novels recently provided a much-needed intermission in the midst of a depressing marathon of crappy reads (see my most recent post to know what is a huge waste of your valuable time). My favorite of the two, The Martian by Andy Weir, I finished first, so I’ll brag on that one now and save the second novel for later.

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I cannot say enough good things about this novel! The premise is a simple one: an astronaut, Mark Watney, in the not-so-distant future gets stranded on Mars and has to use his skills and intellect to find a way to try to survive. Fist of all, Andy Weir is a fantastic writer and I hereby avow to read anything and everything he ever writes. The amount of research that obviously went into writing this novel astounds me; not only does Weir take the time to explain the ways Watney uses mathematics and chemistry to resolve the numerous obstacles he encounters (and apparently Mars offers up no shortage of obstacles), but he somehow makes said math and chemistry interesting. Despite my incompetence at both subjects, Weir managed to help me understand the constant environmental threat to Watney’s life while keeping me riveted as to how he could possibly overcome this.

Let me make something clear: I have no doubt, after reading this masterpiece, that I wouldn’t last even a single second on Mars. My grandfather was training to be an astronaut when he passed away, so reading this novel as only heightened the level of flabbergasted respect that I already had for him and others who choose such a risky profession. On top of that, the main character, Mark Watney, is easily one of the most relatable yet unbelievably superior, hilarious yet vastly competent, down-to-Earth but literally out in Space characters I’ve ever read. Weir has created a painfully compelling character and has placed him in a scenario that readers can’t possibly comprehend surviving themselves. Not only is the simple premise fascinating, but the intricacies will maintain and heighten your interest while the main character gets you emotionally invested. The Martian is truly a masterpiece of literature that all writers, no matter the genre or subject matter, should strive to emulate. Whatever the scale, Weir gets the highest score, the most available stars or thumbs ups. Do yourself a favor; read this book.

AND ANOTHER THING! The fun is far from over upon completion of the book because it is being made into a movie. I’ve not been this excited about an adaptation since The Great Gatsby, and JOY OF JOYS, Baz Luhrmann has no hands in this feature so it should be safe from blasphemy! So read it before the movie comes out, comment on here and let me know how you liked the book, and then we can see the movie and continue the discussion.

Like I said, I have one other positive review coming your way soon, and I’m currently reading The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis, as well as The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu. Both of these works are 600+ pages, so they’re not quick reads, but I’m doing my best to get reviews out to you soon. Stay tuned. I hear Hannah has a few works to review, too, and maybe we’ll get a “Read This, Drink That” treat! We both appreciate your continued patience and allegiance and we’d love to hear from you all. Happy reading!


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  4. Karen

    I must read this now!

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