Literary Despair

I have been quite busy lately, but mostly just re-arranging my furniture. I’ve added a desk in my tiny studio apartment, so now I have an appropriate place for blogging. I am now completely out of excuses to not regularly blog.

I just finished reading Reunion by Hannah Pittard. Three siblings are reunited in their hometown of Atlanta after their father commits suicide. They are met by his 3 ex-wives and 6 half-siblings. I wanted it to be a story filled with laughter and a southern family that reminded me of my own, but it wasn’t. Mostly it was the narrator, Kate, moping around about her immense debt and the state of her marriage. It left me with a feeling of “bleh”.

The only solution seems to join Lindsay in her despair in the literary world as of late. Maybe I will re-read Harry Potter (or the like) to boost myself out of “just-finished-a-bad-book-neosis”. I tried to develop a Read/Drink for this novel, but the lack of inspiration is apparent. Instead I’ll just make a fall cocktail to enjoy and forget about this book.

Happy Reading!


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