Sorry, I’m not sorry!

You may have noticed that Hannah and I took another unplanned and unexplained hiatus from blogging; you also may not have noticed, as Hannah and I weren’t exactly racking up the readers. I blame global warming.

I guess it is time that we at least do you all the courtesy of explaining ourselves (please be forewarned: do not expect anything exciting). Hannah spilled beer on her laptop and thus could not blog until the cruel gods and IT guys fixed it; my internet restrictions changed at work and my lunchtime blogging was brought to an abrupt end. There you have it. We bare our souls to you in the hopes that the few readers we do have will take pity on our laziness as we try to come back with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, we may bore you to tears with our re-awakenings, since we’ve both spent the past few weeks re-reading the Harry Potter series. I know we’ve both made our feelings about Harry Potter quite clear, since we yap yap about him somewhat constantly. The thing is that it wasn’t just a fantastic series when it came out and we were but wee little children; it is still a freaking fantastic series all these years later and I don’t apologize for harping on their majesty.

I refuse to apologize for my never ending love of all things HP because, just like he helped me weather the turbulent seas of adolescence ten to fifteen years ago, he’s now helping me spice up an otherwise mundane day-to-day life. I get up at 6:30, go to work, go to the gym, make dinner, watch Frasier, and go to bed each weekday with startling consistency. On the weekends I vary a bit (double date with my sister & soon-to-be brother in-law; stay up past 10 p.m. with Savannah and Will; wake up around 8) but I’m still the same vanilla Lindsay. I choose this lifestyle for myself, so I can honestly say I wouldn’t want it any other way. But I can say that, without an element of progress and excitement, the same ‘ol-same ‘ol can get rather stale and I’ve been operating under a state of unrest lately. That’s where Harry Potter comes into play. My job pays the bills and makes “the future” less intimidating; I have a cute apartment to call my own (and no loud, druggy neighbors); I have a wonderful, loving boyfriend; things for me are quite good enough that I don’t want to change them, but I need a good book with an entirely different location/character/conflict/villain/resolution so I can live a different life, only when I choose to do so, and always come back home to my own, far preferable life (except for the magic thing; I’d LOVE it if magic was a part of my daily grind).

The amazing thing about any good book, not just the Harry Potter series, is that it can transport the reader to a different world full of different situations and different people. Anyone can be 100% content with their own life while still wanting to experience a momentary change of pace. Books are ready and willing to do that.
Anyway, I’m finishing Harry Potter soon so I’ll need to move on to the next conquest. If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them and I guess in the meantime I’ll check out the library.



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5 responses to “Sorry, I’m not sorry!

  1. There is nothing to apologize for, for loving HP.

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