H: Throwback Thursday – Thundercake

Lindsay has me feeling nostalgic and, after all, it is Throwback Thursday. The internet has created this weekly holiday to post embarrassing pictures from long ago. Instead, I’ll just post a non-embarassing favorite book from long ago.

I remember hot, south Georgia summer days walking back and forth from my grandmother’s house to Lindsay’s house. So hot our jelly sandals left footprints in the asphalt. To escape the heat, we went to the library (and played library). I distinctly remember Thundercake being my favorite. When the storms come to Grandma’s farm, her granddaughters get frightened; grandma coaxes them out from under the bed to start baking a thunder cake, so it will be ready to eat by the time the storm is gone. Bonus: it even includes a recipe for a cake!

In the spirit of April Showers (it’s been quite rainy in the south lately) and baking, find this a spin-off of Read This, Drink That.




| Thundercake | Coat | Jeans | Boots | Scarf | Umbrella |

Happy Reading!


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