Meet the Newest Member of the Classics Club; ME!

New adventures! Huzzah! I found the club I have been searching for since high school and I am so excited. Honestly, I’ve just been living my life, day by day, just waiting for someone to come along and challenge me to read a certain number of classics in a certain amount of time. Couldn’t you tell from all my previous posts? I’ve been begging you, “Please, readers! Dare me to read classics so I can have an excuse to read more classics. Dare me, I dare you!” Now that I’ve said “dare” so much that it doesn’t feel like a real word anymore, I have received the challenge I needed and signed myself up to read 50 classics over the next 5 years. If you take into consideration my current GoodReads pledge to read 30 books this year (and the fact that most of these will obviously be classics), it’s a fairly do-able task.

I’m including my list below, but know that this list is not concrete. I’m flexible and I’d love other suggestions if you have them. Let me know what you think about this whole endeavor and join me if you’d like! 10 classics per year is an easy target!

•Atwood, Margaret ~ The Handmaid’s Tale
•Austen, Jane ~ Emma
•Austen, Jane ~ Northanger Abbey
•Austen, Jane ~ Persuasion
•Austen, Jane ~ Sense and Sensibility
•Austen, Jane ~ Mansfield Park
•Baum, Frank L. ~ The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
•Bradbury, Ray ~ Farenheit 451
•Bronte, Anne ~ The Tennant of Wildfell Hall
•Bronte, Charlotte ~ Villette
•Bronte, Charlotte ~ Jane Eyre
•Burgess, Anthony ~ A Clockwork Orange
•Burnett, Frances Hodgson ~ The Secret Garden
•Carroll, Lewis ~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
•Carroll, Lewis ~ Through the Looking-Glass
•Cervantes ~ Don Quixote
•Collins, Wilkie ~ The Woman in White
•Defoe, Daniel ~ Robinson Crusoe
•Dickens, Charles ~ Oliver Twist
•Dickens, Charles ~ Great Expectations
•Dickens, Charles ~ Bleak House
•Dostoyevsky, Fyodor ~ The Brothers Karamazov
•Dostoyevsky, Fyodor ~ The House of the Dead
•Dumas, Alexander ~ The Man in the Iron Mask
•Du Maurier, Daphney ~ Rebecca
•Heller, Joseph ~ Catch-22
•Huxley, Aldous ~ Brave New World
•Lawrence, D.H. ~ Lady Chatterly’s Lover
•L’engle, Madeline ~ A Wrinkle in Time
•London, Jack ~ The Call of the Wild
•London, Jack ~ White Fang
•Melville, Herman ~ Moby Dick
•Nabokov, Vladimir ~ Lolita
•Orczy, Emmuska ~ The Scarlet Pimpernell
•Orwell, George ~ 1984
•Orwell, George ~ Animal Farm
•Plath, Silvia ~ The Bell Jar
•Poe, Edgar Allan ~ Ligeia
•Salinger, J.D. ~ Catcher in the Rye
•Shakespeare, William ~ King Lear
•Shelley, Mary ~ The Last Man
•Steinbeck, John ~ The Grapes of Wrath
•Tolstoy, Leo ~ Anna Karenina
•Verne, Jules ~ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
•Verne, Jules ~ Around the World in Eighty Days
•Verne, Jules ~ The Mysterious Island
•Vonnegut, Kurt ~ Galapagos
•Vonnegut, Kurt ~ Slaughterhouse-Five
•Wallace, David Foster ~ Infinite Jest
•Wells, H.G. ~ The Invisible Man

I’ll be finishing Persuasion soon, so my review is to come within the next few days!

Where’s that Hannah????


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  1. Galapagos, Persuasion, I love it! Your list has such fantastic choices! Welcome to the club!

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