H: Book Challenge – Days 14 & 19

Seeing Day 14 (favorite book turned into a movie completely desecrated) I was wondering why there was no favorite book/movie. Well, there is but just 5 days later. So, I am combining them, while going a bit out of order.

Day 14 – As much as Lindsay & I both loved The Great Gatsby, we were both disappointed with Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation. Yes, I love Leo; yes, I love Carey Mulligan; yes, I love the costumes and set. Even the soundtrack didn’t bother me; I have a soft spot for modern music with historical settings. However, the fantastical element of the text on screen and the addition of Nick being in a sanitarium (more of an asylum than hospital) was just bizarre and totally unnecessary. The fact that Nick was narrating while typing from a typewriter was distracting. We all want more Leo, so give us that, without quotes floating around on the screen.

This is how the movie made me feel too, Jay

Honorable Mentions for Worst Book-to-Movie: The Grinch (Jim Carey version), Twilight (if it’s possible for a movie to be worse than that “prose”),  The Lovely Bones. In addition, I would like to preemptively add 50 Shades of Grey, because nothing good can come from that book.

Day 19 – While Anna Karenina wasn’t my favorite novel to read (mostly because it made my eyelids heavy) but magic was made with the film. Set in Imperial Russia in 1874, Anna goes to visit her sister-in-law in St. Petersburg to convince her to forgive Anna’s brother for his infidelity. While on the train, she has a chance meeting with a well known man, Vronsky. They begin an intimate flirtation within themselves, but in view of everyone in St. Petersburg society. The movie has beautiful costumes, beautiful scenery, and of course, the beautiful Jude Law and Kiera Knightley. I don’t know how, but this movie is worth watching and more entertaining than the words on the page; possibly because it was made without Tolstoy influx of superfluous details.

Someone get me this hat immediately

Great Book-to-Movie Adaptations honorable mentions: The ShiningThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher version), and The Talented Mr. Ripley (which I will be discussing in a different entry).

Until next time, happy reading!



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2 responses to “H: Book Challenge – Days 14 & 19

  1. Mom

    I did love all the “fluff” of sets & clothing of Gatsby.. but not so much for the dialogue.. and I really liked everything about Anna Karenina.. I will watch it every time I see it on..

  2. Your Gatsby review is spot on! Dumb Baz! More Leo, less weird “Moulin Rouge”-ish, “too fast for my eyes to even focus” camera crap.

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