H: Book Challenge – Day 11-13

So, back to the Book Challenge.

Day 11 – I can confidently say I hated The Devil in the White City, which I reviewed here. Just as a reminder, there is a lot about the White City and barely anything about our serial killer friend, HH Holmes. Here at Shrews, we have a demand for serial killer books to be bloody, in case you haven’t noticed.

Day 12 – I have been pondering this, book I have a love/hate relationship with and can not come up with anything. I don’t halfway love any novel, it’s all or nothing with me. However, in defense of Lindsay’s hatred for A Feast for Crows, I will say the book vastly improved upon my second reading. Instead of waiting for plot twists, I knew what was coming and could instead focus on the slow demise of my least favorite character.

Day 13 – As for my favorite writer, I am inclined to pick JK Rowling, of course; however, I am simply terrified to read any of her non-HP novels. What if they aren’t as good?! What if they tarnish my opinion of her?! One day I will get over this fear, until then, I will keep her as the ever creative master, JK.

This blog post was not very interesting or thought provoking, but I felt as though I needed to catch up with Lindsay. So be it.
Happy Reading!

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  1. I’m the same way about JK. I don’t want to taint my perfect image of her; thus, I will read nothing else she writes. Sorry, JK. I just love you.

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