L: Book Challenge, Day 9

It’s hard to think of a book I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up liking; it’s usually the other way around. I think my surprise book would have to be Dragonwyck by Anya Seton. My full review is here, but to briefly review, it was a coming-of-age story written in the 1940’s about the 1840’s. I knew nothing about it when I adopted it from my grandfather (except that the title sounded promising and I love a musky, old hard cover), but I was completely surprised with how well this book kept my attention and told a great story. The subject matter was racy by today’s standards, and would’ve been much more so when it was written. I was impressed with Seton’s bravery, not only because of the taboos, but also because she develops a powerful, albeit naive, female character. Independent women were few and far between in the 1940’s, so I was glad to see a character striving for lofty goals. Like I said, there’s drama, but there is also mystery, fear, and romance. It’s an oldie but a goodie and I will definitely recommend it to everyone and read it again one day.

Now, because I already wrote a full review of Dragonwyck and hope you all will find it worth re-reading, I didn’t feel the need to include too awful much info for Day 9. Thus, I am going to go ahead and answer Day 10, as well. Day 10 wants to know about a book that reminds me of home. That could be about a million things, though, since just about everything reminds me of home. I’d have to say How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss, though, is the most homey. Make no bones about it, my sister and I have read every Dr. Seuss masterpiece about a million times, and The Grinch is no exception. It is by far one of the Doctor’s best works. Our family tradition, however, is that we all watch the cartoon version of The Grinch on Christmas Eve. We know all the words; we have designated our favorite parts; we have it on DVD as well as Tivo. Honestly, nothing feels more like Christmas to me than watching that movie with my family. We even got Bob, our own resident Grinch, to watch it with us this year (which he has refused to do up until this year, miracle of miracles). Oh, and Kitty, too, who did not just sit with us while we watched TV, but literally watched it while we laughed at him. This tradition is one of my favorites and look forward to passing it on to new generations.

Kitty is captivated

Give us your answers and let us know what you think!



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2 responses to “L: Book Challenge, Day 9

  1. Karen

    The Grinch is a great memory of mine as well, Lindsay! I think me, you, and Addie have never missed a year! It gives you that warm, fuzzy, old-fashioned Christmas feeling to watch it together. We all know the words and recite along with it. We sing the song! It brings us together. And, reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

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