It’s New Year’s Resolution time and people all over the world are buying soy products and gym memberships. I don’t really buy into the whole resolution thing, and I know there are “inspirational speakers” everywhere who puff out their chests and prattle on about how we should spend every day trying to improve ourselves, not just each January. Agreed, I guess. But that’s easier said than done. I like to spend each day trying to be a better Lindsay than I was the day before; but some days I decidedly do not wish to excel and want to sit around and be plain. Nothing wrong with that every now and then, methinks. However, people often get carried away with resolutions and set their aim unrealistically high, and therein, I believe, lies the problem. Setting the goal realistically (i.e. “I think I’ll try to lose some weight”) is so much smarter than getting all pumped up and resolving to lose 100 lbs. Even if you succeed in losing 50 lbs and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, it still seems like you fell short of your resolution goal. Don’t vow to walk 10 miles a week if you don’t already walk 5. Don’t promise to be a master pianist if you can barely play chopsticks.

Let me spin you a story: I haven’t done resolutions for many moons, but last year had a reading challenge. They encouraged their members to set a goal for how many books they wanted to read in a year, and by updating your account, GoodReads would keep track of your progress. At the time of this promotion, my job was slow and steady, Hannah and I had just started this blog and were all jazzed about our reading schedules, and I was single with lots of spare time. I set my reading goal at 40 books. Generally, that sounds attainable, but still rather lofty. To make a long story short, I got a promotion and a whole new work load, a gym membership, a kickboxing class membership, and a great boyfriend; 2013 was very good to me and I’m in a much happier place now than I was a year ago! And yet, I fell short of my book resolution and am a failure. Learn from me: be realistic and anticipate changes in your future that might affect your goals so that, at the end of each day, you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished. I’ve pledged myself to another year of reading, but my number is far more probable this year. Go try it for yourself!

We’re still doing the Book Challenge, and I’m on Day 8 (since I incorrectly labeled my “Day 7” as 6 last time). Day 8 asks for a book I think is overrated. I’d have to say that I think Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. I read it after all the Hollywood hype and after seeing the movie. Plus, I worked at the library at the time, so I experienced first-hand how popular the book had become and how difficult it would be to reserve a copy. Everybody was yapping about it and thus I anticipated greatness. I think it achieved “goodness,” though. Greatness is a stretch for me. I definitely think that has to do with all the hub-bub, but I definitely think it was a good enough book that a bit too much credit.

Let us know your resolutions (both the successful and not-so-much) and don’t forget to comment on the challenge! Happy 2014, everyone! Stay tuned!

Book Challenge



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6 responses to “Resolution-Schmesolution!!

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  2. Melanie Williams

    Thanks for the affirmation Lindsay and Karen! Makes me feel like I’m starting 2014 off right!

    And, I remembered that I actually did make a resolution, and I think you’ll approve of this one too Lindsay. After seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I told Kenny (husband) that I was going to try to read The Hobbit before the next movie comes out. I’ve got the paperback in my Amazon basket now. (Paperback is more portable; I told him he could get me a nice edition to go with my faux-leather bound Lord of the Rings as a gift.) I saw the cartoon movie back in the 70’s (?) and started the book, but never finished it. Looking forward to knowing what really happened in Middle Earth.

  3. Melanie Williams

    I’m not much on resolutions either…mainly since I never keep them and then end up feeling awful and guilty. However, I did stumble upon “My One Word” ( and have selected kindness to be my focus (my one word) for the year. I will focus on being kinder to myself, my loved ones, and the many people who so easily annoy me. This seems much more attainable, and for the inevitable times when I fail to be kind, I can just remind myself to be kind to myself. Win-Win!

  4. Christie Walton

    My books that were overrated were the Fifty Shades of Gray ones. I just didn’t get the hype.

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