L: Day 6 and Opinion of “The Hobbit” Film

I don’t apologize for my absence. Christmas is a hectic time for everyone and I’m going to proceed with my opinions of things as if I never missed a beat.

First and foremost, the second film in Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” trilogy came out a week or two ago, and I have a few things to say about it. No, I’m not disappointed. No, I’m not pleased with it, either. It was what I expected. I went in with low expectations, and it met them. This sounds harsh, but I promise I do not mean for it to come across this way. I enjoyed it; it took a lot of artistic license, strayed from the original storyline quite a bit, and thus had even me wondering what was going to happen. Let me reveal a few things (none of which are spoilers, btw) to those of you who have seen the film but have not read the book: Thorin is NOT a sexy Dwarf, nor are Kili & Fili; that whole episode with the melting of the gold & gilding of Samug didn’t happen in the book; Tauriel doesn’t exist and Legolas is not even slightly mentioned; Kili isn’t shot by a poisoned arrow; this whole “Necromancer” fascination is just in there to tie it to the LOTR series, not because it actually happens; and most importantly, they totally missed the mark with Beorn. Beorn is one of the coolest characters ever written. He is not all somber and introspective like in the movie. Beorn is jolly and semi-magical, enormous in size and personality, friendly, and deadly. He is so complex and so wonderful. Jackson killed me with this, but I digress.

Like I said (and showed you with the examples above), the ways that Jackson strayed from the storyline are technically fine with me, because even I didn’t know what would happen at times, and because who cares, right?! SO WHAT if it isn’t exactly like the story?! I own four copies of the book so if I want to know what really happened, I’ll go read it. If I want to enjoy a film mostly based on the greatest story ever told, I need to be reasonable and understand that riding down the river, hanging half out of barrels, fighting orcs alongside attractive elves is way more appealing than 13 angry and seasick dwarves stuffed in barrels with apples. I get it. And anything that brings attention to this story is a-okay in my book!


Now, for my Day 6 book. A book that makes me laugh is Stephen Colbert’s I Am America, and So Can You. That book is fantastic. I got it on audiobook for one of those long drives home for a holiday, and that ride went by so much quicker than usual. He addresses so many current topics and issues, but with his usual sense of sarcasm. You have to enjoy his sense of humor to get it, obviously, but the fact that he narrated it himself made the audiobook so much more appealing to me. I recommend it to anyone and everyone for a jolly good laugh!

What about you? What book makes you laugh?



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3 responses to “L: Day 6 and Opinion of “The Hobbit” Film

  1. I agree, Melanie. Eye candy is never a bad choice!

  2. Melanie Williams

    Is it awful of me to say that I, for one, am glad that Legolas is in this movie? Just sayin’…

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