H: Book Challenge – Day 5

I have been stewing over “book that makes [me] happy” all day long. I simply can not come up with anything. Reading in general makes me happy (unless the book is horrible, which is a real rarity.)

So I am taking a different approach to today: my iPad is a book that makes me happy! It allows me the freedom of reading anywhere, downloading a new book with the tap of a screen, and even letting me highlight my favorite quotes so I can share them here! I can read in my free time, in hotels, on the plane, and of course at home.

Sorry this post is so dull; I will make up for it tomorrow!


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One response to “H: Book Challenge – Day 5

  1. Not dull at all! This is our blog, by God, and if you want to come up with something unexpected, so be it!!

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