L: Book Challenge, Day 4

Day 4’s question digs a little bit deeper into the last quesion regarding my favorite book series. Day 4 asks what is my “favorite book of your favorite series” and that question is just as much of a no-brainer as the last one. My favorite was always the fourth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In this book, Harry is a competitor in a wizarding competition called the Tri-wizard Tournament, and has to compete in three difficult tasks filled with magical creatures and impossible escapes. I think the reason that I like this one so much is that it is the most fantastical since it is filled with dragons, mermaids, and other creatures hidden deep within a massive enchanted maze. J.K. Rowling was really able to be creative with this volume and she came up with amazing challenges for my imagination.

The other reason I love this book the most is because, I think, it’s the last book in the series where they really get to be kids. Starting with the fifth book, the magical govenment gets more involved and we’re introduced to Dolores Umbridge, who is in my opinion one of the most hatable litereary characters ever imagined. After that, people start dying, friendships fizzle, and Harry himself starts to take on many of the negative personality characteristics of Voldemort, with whom he shares an unwilling bond. The Goblet is when we first see Voldemort evolve into a capable enemy, one whom Harry proves he’s equally capable of defeating. I love this book, and the movie version is quite wonderful, as well.

The Goblet of Fire

From here, the questions get more varied and I trying to avoid repeats, so you just might be all done hearing about my love for Harry Potter. We’ll see. We’re interested to hear your answers to the questions and stick with us because we have 26 more days of best and worse books!

Book Challenge


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