H: Book Challenge – Day 4

I know we are going on a Harry Potter binge here at Shrews, but really there is no better type of binge.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite out of the series; my favorite changes daily. There are such great things that happen in each book! Today I have decided Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is my favorite. The entire series starts coming together. How J.K. (praise her name) set all of this up almost 10 years in advance makes my mind almost explode. Tom Riddle’s past is revealed, Harry excels at potions thanks to an gifted textbook, Horcruxes are explained, and yes, a major character dies. It left me weeping for days. After all of that happens, we still hate Snape even more than we thought possible. Harry does a lot of growing up in this novel, especially when he loses his only father figure he has left. Yes, that sounds depressing, but this book brings everything from Stone, Chamber, Prisoner, and Goblet together then creates the journey of Harry’s (and my) life to save the wizarding, and muggle, world.

It’s safe to say we love Harry Potter.


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