L: Book Challenge, Day 3

I should probably just say “ditto” to Hannah’s day 3 choice. My favorite series is absolutely, without a doubt, the Harry Potter series. Like Hannah said, those books changed my life. I get that it might seem silly to the average person; a children’ book about magic still having such a strong impact on a 25 year old. Don’t hate, though. I grew up alongside Harry and the rest of Rowling’s magical gang. I got the first book when I was 11 or 12, so I had ZERO trouble relating to the youthful angst. The magic and the orphan thing were a little out of my realm of expertise, but what child of 11 doesn’t dream about waking up one day to realize that the differences they always felt in themselves were actually magical capabilities that set them apart from the haters. I know I did.

Like I said yesterday, just as a prolonged friendship allows more intimacy, more volumes of a series allows the same growth. I didn’t just relate to Harry for a book or two. We shared 7 happy years and weathered the ultimate storm of saving humanity. The connection I feel to these characters is incalculable and the impact they’ve had on my life is, too. Day 3’s question = a piece of cake. I adore Hannah’s idea of getting a tat to show her love, and I thought about getting tats for all of literature’s misunderstood villains: Smaug, Grendel, Frankenstein’s monster, etc. Maybe I’ll get Voldemort’s dark mark? Who knows. But a love this strong deserves more than getting “Voldy” tattooed on my butt.

As always, we want to know your answers and encourage you to stay tuned for Day 4!


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  1. Karen Taylor

    I’m so glad you two girls were growing up during the Harry Potter era. I doubt you would be the avid readers you are today otherwise.

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