H: 30 Day Book Challenge – Day 2 & 3

I am not combining these two days to catch up with Lindsay; I am combining them because they are the same answer for me!

A book I have read more than 3 times includes the entire Harry Potter series, all 7 of them! Obviously, it is my favorite series. I know I haven’t spoken much about HP on this blog; it’s because Harry isn’t just another book to read. It is so much more than that. Harry did so much for me besides just providing entertainment. Harry invigorated my love for reading. I can’t put it into words; it’s hard for me to articulate everything J.K. Rowling did for me. Harry and his magic has become such a part of my life I can not fathom being without it. This series was an outlet, a world to get trapped in, a magical journey, a story of growing up, a story of friendship, and a world that is still in my life every single day. Even in his magical world Harry faced the same problems as all young kids (and adults!) do: bullying, making friends, being brave, and choosing between what is right and what is easy.

Following in Lindsay’s literary tattoo bravery, I will be getting a HP tattoo (sooner rather than later, hopefully). I carry Harry, Ron, and Hermione with me every day anyway, so I having it on the outside of my body is a way of letting what is inside my head, be shown on the outside.

HP Quote

Bear with me for Day 4  tomorrow- it will be more elaborate since it is Favorite Book of Favorite Series day!

In love & HP,




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