OK, yes, I know; just hear me out…

Remember that post I did a while ago about how difficult it is to be interesting week after week? Well, that pressure got the best of me. I caved, people. I’m an accountant; you shouldn’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for me to spin you some story of my adventures in life. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t possibly enjoy my down-time more than I currently do. But like many, I work 40+ hours a week so said down-time is my own personal rare and precious jewel. Do the math; combine the job, kickboxing (yes, I’m practically a walking weapon), the kind of cutie-pootie boyfriend you want to constantly be seen in public with, and the fact that it’s only Fall for about 3 weeks in Athens. That all equals me not picking up a book for quite some time, now. Technically, Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane has been riding around, half-read, in my car with me for weeks, but I don’t think that counts as “currently reading.”

So, I’m in a literary rut and I’m sorry that you have all had to suffer by association. Shutter Island is good, but it isn’t rocking my world, hence the fact that I’ve been blazing through crossword puzzles instead of that book during my lunch breaks. Brice (the boyfriend/eye candy) was nice enough to send me an article recently about Chuck Palahniuk’s Q&A on some website I don’t think I understand. I think Chuck intended to answer questions about his most recent book release, Doomed, but most of the questions/answers were pointlessly entertaining, not informative. I didn’t get much info about the new book except that it is the sequel to his last book, Damned.  I have not read Damned. In fact, I haven’t read anything by Chuck in a long time but I miss him and in this moment vow to got get Damned so I can (hopefully) rekindle the sort of love I felt for Survivor and Fight Club. HOWEVER, and listen to me here, people, I do NOT recommend that you join me in my Palahniuk endeavor. Most of you are moms or mom-friends; I highly doubt you’d like Chuckie P. He’s racy, he curses, lots of racial/political/sexual content and it is not for the mild-mannered, genteel spirit of my mother and her associates. He’s a freak, y’all. Real talk. Read lots of reviews before you embark on a Palah-journey. In the meantime, I’m of the “jaded youths” generation, so I’m going to go read it and I’ll let you all know how it goes.


One last thing: tomorrow I’m taking a big step in my love of literature and I’m super excited. I want to tell you what it is, but I’m not going to do so until the deed is done. Once it is, you’ll be the first to know. Well, not really. Pretty much everyone will already know before I find time to blog about it, but nonetheless, you’ll know eventually. So until then, keep reading anything and everything and be patient with our sporadic blog-efforts.


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One response to “OK, yes, I know; just hear me out…

  1. Christie Walton

    I may be a mom but have a genteel spirit? NOT!

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