Real Talk: Audiobooks Prevent “Going Postal”

Along with pretty much everyone else in the world, my job drives me bonkers. Just totally nutso. Sometimes, the people are psychopaths. Sometimes, the work is overwhelming. Sometimes, the average work day somehow lasts about a year. Some days are good; but some days are positively maddening. You know what I’ve come to rely on for those extra “if that phone rings one more time I’m smashing it through a window” kinda days? Audiobooks. One of my office mates gave me access to her account and was generous enough to download The Hobbit for me. Let me tell you, this totally skyrocketed her to first place in my list of likable coworkers; but in addition to that, it gave me a productive way to distract myself from the many commotions in my office.

Every now and then, the big-wigs come to town and spend the day in the office and we are all asked to refrain from wearing headphones on those days. I have noticed a startling decrease in my concentration and, thereby, my productivity on these “no headphones,” “every man for himself” days. Since I started with The Hobbit, a book I had already read innumerable times, I was able to do my work while listening to a book I love yet don’t necessarily feel compelled to pay attention to it. To me, it’s the same as listening to music while working; it drowns out the conversations across the hall, the phone on my officemate’s desk, the hum of the printer, and other background noise and allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Kieran the sheep loves Audiobooks!

I share a medium-sized office space with three people. That makes 4 phones ringing constantly, a printer that rarely is inactive, high echo-y ceilings, and conference calls that seemingly MUST be on speakerphone. I love my office mates, luckily, so I’m not afraid to tell you that Bilbo Baggins may have very well saved their lives a couple of times. The Audiobooks keep me from hearing every impertinent peep, keep me from asking them to keep it down, keep me from breaking a piece of the printer just to get it to stop running for just a minute, keep me from “tripping” and falling right onto the mute button on my boss’s conference call, and keep me from “accidentally” dropping his cell phone (with the maddening cricket-chirping ringer sound) into his coffee cup.

Audiobooks save lives, people!

Anyone have any thoughts? I know a lot of people consider it difficult to listen to a book because they feel like it is even more distracting than background noise. All thoughts and comments are welcome and, as always, keep reading! Or listening…



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5 responses to “Real Talk: Audiobooks Prevent “Going Postal”

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  2. I’m just beginning to listen to Audiobooks, but it’s such a different and difficult experience. My ability to process literature when its read to me is embarrassing! Podcasts which are designed for listeners I cope with and enjoy very much, but my eyes glaze as soon as I realise something is being read, word for word… Both my comprehension and retention of the written word read to me is poor.
    Do you listen to books you haven’t read before?

    • Oh yes, I’ve listened to a handful of new-to-me books, and I agree that it is very hard to pay attention and really comprehend what’s happening. I found myself rewinding a lot, most often because I would zone out and all of a sudden some character was dead or something. I think it also had to do with the ability of the book and the narrator to interest you; Salem’s Lot took me forever to finish because I just wasn’t interested, but Misery had me captivated the whole time. Try some suspense, if you like that genre?! It’s quite different to listen to it than to read it. And I’ll say that I mostly use Audiobooks as fillers. Especially with the LOTR series, I just have it on to drown out background noise without needing to catch all the details, since I already know them. It’s good for work (for me) and road trips and such. I’m glad to hear from you, though, and I hope you find something that works for you. Any method of consuming books is worth trying, and re-trying, and rewinding and the re-re-trying! 🙂

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