Read This, Drink That – Camp Edition

Once Thea arrives at Yonahlossee she becomes obsessed with the camp’s sweet tea; with her family in Florida’s booming orange business, she has never had anything so “syrupy and sweet”. So obviously, my first thought was the best summertime cocktail, sweet tea vodka and lemonade!

Yonahlossee Read Drink

Firefly Half & Half
3 ounces Firefly Vodka
3 ounces Lemonade
1 Lemon Twist
Mix over in glass & serve

| Cocktail | Novel | Mason Jar Shaker | Ice Bucket | Scoop | Horse Bottle Opener | Pitcher | Glasses | Napkin Tray | Paper Straw |



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One response to “Read This, Drink That – Camp Edition

  1. Absolutely love this! We need to have some of those immediately and I must have that pitcher and gass set!!

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