Real Talk: Being Interesting Is Exhausting

So apparently we have more fans than just our moms! Who knew?!?! I mean, all this time I thought we were just two girls who loved to pretend our opinions were highly regarded in the literary world but secretly knew that our dearly devoted mothers were probably racking up 90% of our daily viewership. In my mind, if that was the case, it was much easier for me to call up my mom and just be like “Yo, K-Money, lemme tell you about Moby Dick.” But now that I know that we have a couple other devotees who seem to have genuinely enjoyed our amature musings, I shall muse on!

I must warn you, however, trying to be original and interesting at least once a week is not easy! We were really cooking there in the beginning, weren’t we?! Weekly posts, discussion topics (at that time we didn’t know how to make comments public so these “discussions” were mostly one-sided; that has been fixed so always feel free to comment), interactive studies (that’s what I’m calling Hannah’s “Read this; Drink that” and “Reading Room” segments; I sorely miss those), etc. We had time to do the research; we had time do “assign” strict reading schedules. Well, I’ve come to realize that our lives of luxury are in the past. This girl right here is busy! And from what I can tell, so is Hannah! So please continue with your devotion; never give up on us because God knows we’ll always have something to say! But go easy on your expectations of us and we’ll do what we can.

So let’s see, what have I read lately? I guess I’ll start at the bottom; I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. I thought it was very informational and, as a native Georgia gal, charmingly accurate and flattering. However, I was bored. I waited and waited for the interesting bits to come along and they were so few and far between that I grew frustrated with the book and the narrator for making me wade through a bunch of irrelevant crap just to find a single nugget of juicy murder. It reminded me a lot of “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson (my review here: Devil in the White City) in that it focused highly on history being just as interesting to readers as murder. No. Neither Ferris Wheels nor Faberge eggs catch my attention like a good ol’ fashion murder. I’d suggest the book to my mom. It’s mild, consistent, and no little animals are killed in it. Other than that, I wouldn’t say it has too much to offer.

I’ve read a number of other things during our hiatus but, in order to remain interesting for a couple more weeks, I’ll hold on to them for next time. I plan to touch on a few books I’ve read as well as interesting topics (hint hint: Gatsby book vs. movie review) so don’t go too far! I’m so glad that you “all” wanted us back. I’ll try to organize another literary endeavor for Hannah and myself to enjoy together. After all, that was the initial purpose for this blog and I miss having something for us to share. As always, stay tuned, readers.



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4 responses to “Real Talk: Being Interesting Is Exhausting

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  2. Anonymous

    You like that, don’t ya?? I was just gettin’ real up in here so I decided to lay it all out there. I think I’ll swap over, especially since “Wednesdays with Lind-say” is so long. DONE! “Real Talk:” is now a thing. And thanks, Mama. It’s about time we agreed on a book!

  3. Karen

    So glad Melanie convinced you girls to return! We’ve missed you! I must say, Lindsay, for the first time you and I agree on this one! I also enjoyed the southern feel and Midnight in the Garden, the mansion and Spanish moss, etc, but also got bored with it a little. I certainly was relieved that no animals were killed in it, as that pretty much ruins a book for me! Again, so glad to have you back! Carry on girls!

  4. Please change your weekly segment to “Real Talk:”. I am into that.

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