Back in the Saddle Again

Well, folks, Hannah and I fell off the blogging bandwagon yet again. Hannah has, quite understandably, been very busy living the life of a jet-setter. I think we can all agree to turn a blind eye to her neglect of the book club. My own excuse is a little less… excusable. I got distracted. Right about the time of my last post, I met a very nice gentleman who had some genuinely interesting and original thoughts regarding literary works that have been adapted into TV or film versions. This book blog causes me to be eternally in search of interesting topics, so I asked this gentleman if I could use his ideas on my blog, which struck up one conversation which led to another and now here we are, many weeks later, in a tremendously happy relationship. I apologize to all the readers who found that last part to be a bit nauseating.

Anyway, I got distracted. So sue me. I’m here now to tell you that I’m still reading quite a bit, although I cannot account for HVA, and just recently started The Once and Future King by T. H. White. Yes, last you heard from me I was reading Anna Karenina and I have not given up, but I reached a point that made it seem a bit painful to keep picking that book back up; so, I’m taking a breather from Tolstoy and enjoying some light-hearted Arthurian tales.

In the meantime, I’ll prepare the blog post inspired by my wonderful Andrew and I will do my absolute best to post it next week and stay (relatively) consistent in my posts. This isn’t meant to be a one-woman job, though, people, so let’s all barrage Hannah with efforts to bring her back to the blog-o-sphere. She’s finally settled down in Charlotte, NC so maybe she can find a Barnes & Noble and get back in the game with me. I’m only 10 or so chapters into The Once and Future King, but so far I would highly recommend it to any and all readers, even my surprisingly picky mother!

The Once and Future King

As always, be patient with us, I beg of you. This was meant to be a fun way for us to connect while we’re apart so I hope you all have enjoyed reading our thoughts and maybe have read a few based on our recommendations?! Encouragement and input always excites us and inspires us to continue so please do let us know what you’re thinking.



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3 responses to “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Karen

    Surpisingly Picky Mother here. Yes, I will download your new book suggestion, but since you’ve also gotten me hooked on crochet it might be a while before I can offer my input. And, yes, we need to get Hannah back in it again. And I want her to work on the travel blog more. By the time I hear where she is, she’s off to somewhere else! PS: I like your excuse for falling behind ☺

  2. Was the movie boring, too?? Darn, I was hoping it would vamp up the story considerably! You download away and let me know what you think. I don’t know if you remember the old Disney version of The Sword in the Stone but it was inspired by this book so I hope it brings back lovely memories! And thank you for the congratulations! Andrew seems to have come right out of book, himself, but you’ll not hear me complaining!

  3. Anonymous

    First of all, congrats on finding your literary equal. Secondly, I tried to watch the Anna Karenina and it was like watching paint dry, so I completely understand about the book.. I will download ( sorry, I know it’s a sensitive subject) the new read and let you know what I think. Hopefully HVA will be blogging with you again soon. ❤

    Cindy Anderson

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