Hello again!

Yes, what Lindsay has posted is indeed true, I can confirm we are back!! Obviously, back and better than ever. I have gotten a “big girl job” and I am now taking a break from flight attendant studying to update you on the books I have read over our holiday!

I have gone into a full blow Gillian Flynn obsession. Her books = BLOW MY MIIIIND. I read Gone Girl to keep up with pop culture pressure, because it was being hailed as THE book of 2012, and it totally lived up to the hype for me. Short Hannah-ized summary: a married couple moves to Missouri after losing their jobs in NYC; on their fifth wedding anniversary the wife goes missing. What then happens is cray, seriously, cray cray.

After I finished GG, I picked up Dark Places; Flynn had another intense/amazing/cray novel for me. A 30-something woman investigates the brutal 20 year old murders of her immediate family. Let me just say, the ending totally blind-sided me, and I am the type who loves to figure out endings. Just, whoa. 

Then I backtracked to Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects, about a reporter from Chicago who returns to her hometown to investigate the murder and mutilation of an elementary school student. I thought I had figured out the ending, but NOPE, wrong again = mind exxxploooded.

I am hard pressed to pick a favorite Flynn novel because I really did enjoy them all. Instead of rating each novel, I will just give Flynn 4 stars! Go read anything she has written. Now. That is a command.

Anyway, enough of my Flynn fascination. The blog is back with a bang for 2013! I am considering starting a separate blog for my travel life; is this interesting to any one of our 7 readers? I have a feeling it will be a lot of photos, but blogging really is an easy way to keep in touch with a lot of people at once (the purpose of this book club/blog). So, look out for a flying-related-Hannah-blog coming soon.

Until then, I am reading nothing but airport codes – happy reading ( and traveling 😀 ) !


Afterthought: totally into WordPress’s new look! Thanks for the improvements, WP!



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4 responses to “Hello again!

  1. Ann Gay

    I’m so glad our Southern Shrews are back. I also vote yes to Hannah’s travel blog. You know we live in this one horse town and need adventure, so help us out Hannah.

  2. Melanie Williams

    Please, please, please do a travel blog!

  3. Anonymous

    So very excited the Shrews are back!!! I am indeed reading Gone Girl…so far so good.. I for one vote yes to Hannah’s travel blog, so we can all be sooo jealous… ❤

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