The Return of the Queens

Well folks, we’re back! Kinda.

Hannah and I took a hiatus from blogging for several reasons: The last few books that we read/reviewed were flops and morale was at an all time low.Combine that with the approach of the holiday season and suddenly work, travel, and my attempts to make thoughtful crochet gifts for everyone I have ever met took precedence over our exclusive book club. Since our last blog, though, some big changes have occurred.

First of all, Hannah got an amazing job with an airline and will be leaving me in the dust while she travels the world. Clearly, I am not bitter about it at all. However, that is not my story to tell so I will leave it up to her. I mention it now because this change makes the blog more relevant than ever! We started this book club so that we could do something together even though we live 4 hours apart; well now we will be thousands of miles apart and that makes this venture all the more important for making sure we can always do something together!

Another big occurrence during our online absence was the theater release of The Hobbit. I can’t remember whether I have gone on a tangent regarding my feelings about this book, but take a moment to recall my blog about Harry Potter … now multiply that by 100 because I freaking love The Hobbit. It is easily one of my favorite works of all time so it should come as no surprise that I anticipated this movie in a really unhealthy way for many moons. A while back, Hannah and I were discussing the quite probable awesomeness of the upcoming The Great Gatsby movie since we reviewed that book and decided that it might be interesting to do comparative reviews of movies inspired by books we review. I may have proposed this book/movie review idea just for an excuse to reread The Hobbit (as if I ever need an excuse), but judge ye not because I will never apologize. Never.

So, Hannah will be busy with training for the forseeable future but hopefully very soon she will be blessing us with the literary opinions of a jet-setting Southerner. I’m reading Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer currently, as well as rereading The Hobbit so I can do my first book/movie review. Stay tuned for a new and improved 2013!!! In the meantime, I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and enjoy this lovely picture of Hannah’s and my homemade gingerbread house, and kindly do take the time to be jealous!

A Gingrebread Masterpiece


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One response to “The Return of the Queens

  1. Karen

    So glad the Queens are back! I was missing them. They’ll be glad to know I’ve added The Hobbit to my reading list.

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