“…Hill House” – Hannah’s Review

I finished this book early because I had a bit of reading time on my hand, but in all honesty, I made time because I couldn’t put it down! I LOVED IT.

I don’t remember reading a horror novel before this one, so I don’t really have anything to compare this one to but all I know is Shirley Jackson managed to genuinely scare me. I am not afraid of blood and gore and this was not that kind of novel, this was a freaky psychological/ghost thriller.

Dr. Montague arranges a visit to Hill House to write a novel on some supernatural happenings; he invites 2 ladies with other-world experiences, Eleanor and Theodora, and they are accompanied by the heir to Hill House, Luke. Instead of seeing bleeding walls Amityville Horror-style, the ghostly activity is just enough to wonder if there really is something else in the house or if it is all imagined. The ending was cray-cray, but creepy all the same. If you are in the market for a Halloween read, check this one out!!

For now I am waiting on Lindsay to catch up & doing research for another Halloween creep-out!
Happy Reading & Happy Halloween-Month!



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