Miss Peregrine’s Home… – Hannah’s Review

I haven’t blogged in two weeks. I am a terrible blogger. I should probably be fired. By that I mean, I should be fired from my real job so I can blog more regularly. Anyway, I have quite a bit to update our loyal readers on, so I shall not waste anymore time!

First off, my review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (contains spoilers!). I know in my last post I was (sarcastically) saying how I was going to hate it. I didn’t hate it. I loved the first 3-4 chapters. The author created a great setting to start the novel. Once Jacob (the main character) found Miss Peregrine & her peculiar children is where he lost me. I didn’t realize this novel was such a fantasy novel; I was caught off guard. From then on everything just seemed like a stretch, or possibly a dream that I had in like 3rd grade. I realize the book was all make-believe (obviously, as it is fiction) but this was just a bit ridic. Time travel? Invisible people? A boy covered in bees? A human-shifter-man? Monsters with three tongues only 2 people in the world can see? Ugh, spare me. Maybe if it had 1 of those things I would have been ok with it, but I like my fantasy in the form of Harry Potter or Tyrion Lannister.

Then there were the photos. They were used SO convincingly in the beginning I actually asked Lindsay if they were taken specifically for the novel (they weren’t; all are actual vintage photos that inspired the novel). Then once we got to Miss Peregrine’s house they just became superflous, as though he was describing a character and just threw in a photo to point out, “Hey! In case this wasn’t what you were imagining, here they are!”

This one was a total dud for me.

So, after feeling totally let down by Peregrine we started Something Wicked this Way Comes. OhMahGoh. We didn’t even make it through 10 chapters. AWFUL. The writing style was too heavy for me (and Lindsay, too, it seems). We quit. I have NEVER quit a book without finishing, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open to read, which is saying a lot since it was supposed to be a horror novel.

Now we have started The Haunting of Hill House. I pray to the Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns that this is a scary one. Or at least remotely interesting. If not, we might just have to read A Dance with Dragons to remind ourselves great contemporary works indeed, do exist!

Possibly, we are just awful at picking books to read.

That’s all for now. Happy Reading (hopefully…)!


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