Reading Essentials

So, instead of doing a Reading Room (because that phase is over, like 2 weeks ago) for each book, I have decided to periodically do some of my favorite reading essentials. Maybe I will branch out to themes or quirks, but for now, these are my very favorite things I use when reading!


| Leather Chair | Monogram Pillow | Lamp | Ugg Moccasins | Clock | iPad Case | Candle | Lip Balm | Throw | Decanter |

That’s all for now!



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2 responses to “Reading Essentials

  1. I love your blog – and I love this list of things! I laughed at my desk when I saw the bookbooks – I’ve got one for my macbook, soo cool. I’ve got my slippers, but most of the other stuff, alas, I do not.

    • I’m so glad you like our little blog! We try to have fun and Hannah’s segments are always fun and informational; maybe she’ll grace us with a “Part Two” some day!

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