An Ode to HVA

Well folks, I have no problem deciding what I am going to write about this week. That’ll be Miss Hannah. Good ol’ Hannah V******* (I was forbidden to use her middle name a long time ago but don’t think I don’t keep it in my holster for when she’s in big trouble) Anderson. Hannah’s birthday is in just a couple of days and I think that 24 years of excellence deserves recognition.

I was only 6 months old when Hannah was born so I can’t really say “she was a lovely baby born in the middle of a hurricane, obviously foreshadowing that she would turn into a little spit-fire.” Hannah was born. That’s all I know. That’s all I need to know, really. Hurricane or no, a spit-fire she is, indeed, and I love her all the more for it.

Let me spin y’all some stories about HVA: Hannah had some of those “beauty shot” pictures when she was little (you know the ones, where the feather boa slinks ever so slightly off the naked adolescent shoulder; God bless the good ol’ 90’s!) and because of them I was eternally jealous. Every single time I came over to play, I had to be the boy in whatever scenario was playing out that day, and because of that I was eternally bitter. In high school, she was on the yearbook staff so my senior page was second in the line of succession (and we all know that the most popular people came first, duh!), and because of that I was eternally indebted!

Hannah has been my best friend through some really difficult times. High school was… rough. Girls can be brutal. She has always listened to me gripe about this and blab about that, after all that’s what best friends are for, right? I tell everyone, we’re simply meant for each other! She has been the greatest “bffl” that any girl could ask for, and because of that I am eternally grateful!

For more “Hannah & Lindsay’s days of yore” stories, check out one of my previous posts about our nerdy youths.


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