The Murders in the Rue Morgue – Hannah’s Review

We finished up a short read over the weekend and tis time for more reviews! Of course, we both love Poe. He is an American staple. If you don’t like Poe, you probably shouldn’t be American. This was my first time reading The Murders in the Rue Morgue and I really enjoyed it. Poe is credited with developing the first detective story with Dupin and, of course, he has an uncanny sense of noticing trivial details to solve seemingly unsolvable crimes.

The story is set in Paris; the nameless narrator is walking along with his companion, Dupin, when they notice a newspaper headline detailing two murders in an apartment on Rue Morgue.  Poe details the grisly crime scene with creepy details, but if he didn’t we wouldn’t be reading Poe, now would we? After touring the apartment Dupin solves in the crime in like, 2 minutes because he is brilliant. But really, it is because he’s observant. I don’t want to spoil the ending, so go read! It is only like 20 pages.

This review was short, but so was the story and I am famous for not spoiling endings. It ruins the fun!

Favorite Characters: The Narrator, because I would also be like, “WTF” every time Dupin announced his theories.

Favorite Quotes: “But it is by … deviations from the plane of the ordinary, that reason feels its way, if at all, in search for the true. -Dupin

“Books, indeed, were his sole luxuries, and in Paris these are easily obtained.” -The Narrator

I have decided to forfeit a Read This, Drink That post for this short story. I didn’t have time to compile one! Plus, the creep factor would be too similar to our favorite serial killer, HH Holmes & the White City.

Anyway, we are now onto Pride & Prejudice by the lovely Jane Austen. Hope you read along with us!

Happy reading!


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