Wednesdays with Lind-say!

Since Hannah is off gallivanting in Europe, it has been left up to me to maintain the blog and the interest of our readers on my own until she returns; that’s exactly why the blog is all but drooping and you all have probably long-since lost interest. It’s understandable, though. This is a blog about our reading experiences and our sometimes complimentary, sometimes opposing insights and opinions. So, without her to support me, my blogging falls short of perfection, as I like to think hers would if I were to take a Euro-trip. In any case, the show must go on and thus I offer you another Why It’s Lovely To Be Literate, or “Wednesday’s with Lind-say” (as Hannah so cleverly dubbed it), segment!

Now, remember my first post about the loveliness of literacy? How it feels like we, as readers, are in on some joke that the rest of the world simply doesn’t understand. We can now laugh along and give a “yeah, totally” thumbs-up to the person on the sidewalk wearing an “I party like Gatsby” t-shirt. Well we must not forget that the exclusivity is not the only perk! A love of books and reading can often lead to a different perspective on what’s important in life. When you love something, you want to surround yourself with whatever nurtures and enhances it, right? A love of literacy and the knowledge it brings is no different. When this particular passion becomes a driving force in a person’s life, in my experience it results in a love of elaborate display methods and the desire to befriend others with the same passion.I value this change in perspective. In me, it has developed into a great appreciation for the small things in life. My happiness requires far less than the 21st Century entertainment industry has to offer. I don’t need video games, just a good storyline; no thanks, you can keep Snooki from Jersey Shore and I’ll just be over here with Bilbo Baggins. I find him to be exponentially more appealing.

I think this is one of the best things about literacy. Yes, we’re “in” on the joke. Yes, we get to browse the internet for awesome little gadgets that only readers would be able to appreciate. But the most important thing is that we appreciate the value of an interesting character and a captivating storyline. Few, if any, “reality stars” can measure up to the fictional characters with whom I associate myself!


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