We’re still here!

Never fear avid readers, we are still alive and reading like crazy! Hannah and I have both had extremely busy weeks and, thus, our blogging has suffered the most. We have both still been reading, though, and we are making our way through Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City.

If any of you are reading along with us, you’re probably mad at me for having picked this book. I agree, it is a far cry from the excitement and intensity of the Song of Ice and Fire series, and even the poetic and imaginative writing and storyline of The Great Gatsby. But for me, the point of doing a book club with someone else is to be forced to read things you never would have chosen on your own, and oftentimes you end up loving the book and checking another work off your life-list.

So I chose this book for us all. It had great reviews and the subject matter seemed riveting on the back cover. Also, I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio (you should all know by now how obsessed Hannah and I are with Leo) bought the screenplay and plans to turn the story into a movie so I have to read it so that he and I will have so much to talk about when we inevitably meet.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play Dr. H. H. Holmes in the upcoming movie adaptation of The Devil in the White City.

I personally like it so far. Having only read the first 100 pages, much of what I’ve read so far is merely developing the foundation for the story and I still hold high hopes for the upcoming chapters, considering the fact that those will be the ones containing all the fascinating details. Keep your head high, people. Plow on. We cannot give up on a book out of sheer boredom and this book has potential!! In the meantime, just imagine Mr. DiCaprio as H. H. Holmes and you’ll do just fine!



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