The Great Gatsby – Hannah’s Review

The end has arrived so soon for The Great Gatsby! I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone, but be forewarned: minor spoilers may lie ahead in ANY of our book reviews. When I say minor spoilers, I will not say anything like, “Dumbledore dies”! Oops, spoiler alert.

Anyway, Gatsby was …different. After reading fantasy for so long, reading something realistic was a change. It was a quick read and an easy one. However, I found the ending quite rushed, like Fitz realized he had written 230 pages so he needed to wrap it up quickly. All of the characters irked me, but Nick was an honest narrator and described things so wonderfully that it almost became a sort of fantasy-realism. He describes Gatsby’s smile so precisely it was easy to imagine and remember a time you had seen a smile that set you at ease. Reading about Daisy was my least favorite parts of the novel; she is so selfish and careless, she was annoying and I found it hard to believe any man would pine for such a shallow woman. But hey, real-life is weird, too.

Favorite Characters: Nick Carroway (narrator), Michaelis, Owl-Eyes

Favorite Quotes: “I was sure the request would be something utterly fantastic, and for a moment I was sorry I’d ever set foot upon his overpopulated lawn.” -Nick
“There are only pursued, pursuing, the busy, and the tired.” -Nick
“No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.” -Nick

Overall, I enjoyed the novel and wouldn’t mind reading another Fitzgerald book. I can say reading the book made me less excited for the movie, but let’s be realistic, I am going to see any film involving Leo in a 3 piece suit.

And never fear – I didn’t forget my Read This, Drink That. So have a glass of champagne, go read the novel, then party like Jay Gatsby.

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