Read This, Drink That – Issue 1

For every book we read, I want to do something super fun and unique (blog flair!), so I decided on a fabulous section called Read This, Drink That! Even more fun, I have made this diagram of everything you could possibly need while reading GRRM’s Dance with Dragons. I have done this because I am awesome.

I was a wee bit inspired from Fashionably Bombed‘s Drink This, Wear That posts. Side note: obsessed with their blog.

Anyway, this cocktail is a delicious-looking Green Dragon. It uses Skyy Dragon Fruit Vodka and apple liqueur. How reminiscent of Rhaegal! Dany should raise a glass and toast (HAHA! PUN!) her dragons with one of these delicious concoctions.

Hope you enjoy (the diagram and the cocktail, that is)!

Read This! Drink That!

#1. Dance with Dragons #2. Green Dragon #3. Pint Glasses
#4. Game of Thrones Soundtrack #5. Hand of the King Pin
#6. Mugs #7. Iron Throne


PS: If anyone actually sees this post and then decides to buy the Iron Throne (replica), I expect an invitation and photo shoot as a thank you gift.

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