Hello Blog-o-sphere

Welcome to our blog!! My BFF (literally) Lindsay & I have decided to start a little book club and chronicle our reads through this blog. We’ve started a little list of books we are planning on reading in the next few months.

Best friends through the years

I guess to start off this blog (intimidating) I’ll write a bit about myself. I’m a 20-something recent Public Relations graduate that loves to read, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, roller coasters, baking and watching TV. I’m obsessed with traveling and Europe, specifically the UK.

My favorite books include (but are not limited to) the A Song of Ice and Fire Series, Harry Potter everything, Invisible Monsters and Atonement.

I am really excited for this “project” because there are a ton of books I have been wanting to read and share with someone and Lindsay is the perfect person! We are starting off with The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) in the next few weeks, so expect blogging to pick up around then.

And now I’ll hand it over to Lindsay because I see I have used too many parentheses.



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  1. lindsayjohnna

    After nearly 24 years, I swear that expression on your face in the top left picture is the greatest face I’ve ever seen

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